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Expert Q and A's: Tearing Out Tile Flooring Replacing an old tile floor isn't as difficult as it seems. Armed with these . We're here to answer some basic questions about tile replacement, how to remove tile floor, and how to install hardware flooring. . A local flooring company can give you a price quote on installing solid-wood floors (and removing the tile if you wish)

Cost of Repairing Floor Joists - Estimates and Prices Paid If the floor joists are extensively damaged, it will be necessary to support the house with jacks while the joists are removed and replaced. In many cases, the sill may also be rotted and need replacing. Costs can run $10,000-$30,000 or more for a typical home, depending on its size, the extent of the extent of the damage and..

Cost to Repair Floor - Estimates and Prices at Fixr - Spot repairs, including replacing boards, typically cost $250-$600 for a 200 sq.ft. room. Sanding 1, staining, and sealing 200 sq.ft. costs between $200- $400. Flooring experts charge between $60-$75 per hour, this work would be expected to range between 10 and 12 hours, for a total cost between $600 and $900

When Hardwood Floors Are Worth Saving | HGTV "Ninety-five percent of the time, if not more, you can refinish a hardwood floor, replace boards, make repairs and have a very nice floor." As with just about everything else in remodeling, the key issue is expectations. Homeowners who have old floors should not expect them to look like brand-new floors, according to Sprigg..

Cost to Repair Subfloor - 2017 Cost Calculator (Customizable) The cost to Repair a Subfloor starts at $36.24 - $55.44 per square foot, but varies significantly with common options. Get real costs for your SPECIFIC project requirements here. See the time to repair a subfloor, along with per unit costs and material requirements. See what trusted professionals include in job-winning..

Hardwood Flooring Cost - Armstrong Flooring There's more to overall wood flooring costs than simply the price of the wood itself, and knowing what they are can help you avoid surprises and stick to your planned . Beyond standard staining, each process applied to a board increases its cost: for example, collections that feature artistic surface treatments like double..

2018 Floor Repair Costs - Fix Joists, Sagging & Squeaky Floors Repairing a worn or damaged floor can significantly improve the appearance of your home, usually for less than it would cost to replace the entire floor. Many factors influence the cost of the project -- including labor, square footage, and the extent of existing damage -- but homeowners on average have reported that it costs..

What would be more cost effective/refinishing hardwood or . May 8, 2010 . Across the board, well finished hardwood floors add value to a home. Though, depending on the size of your budget, this might not be a viable solution for you. Brand new carpets will also improve your sale-ability. If your budget requires that you stick to simply replacing the carpets.make sure your agent..

The inside scoop on replacing your wood floors - Brick Underground May 27, 2010 . Cost: The cost of replacement with unfinished wood can range from $12 to $30 per square foot, depending on the type of wood, its grade (quarter sawn or plain sawn), its length and width (longer and wider boards are generally more expensive), and on the pattern or special borders, etc. Prefinished solid..

Cost to install vinyl plank flooring - Estimates and Prices at Howmuch Flooring material is that which covers the floor structure and creates the floor surface. Plank flooring is made up of boards and usually with tongue and groove edges. You will find that the cost to install average vinyl plank flooring depends upon material and finish grade, surface area, preparation and special requirements,..

Replacing floor pans - One piece pans vs. patches - Precision Car . Oct 16, 2013 . Over the years I have seen patched up floor boards that could have been replaced with a one piece floor for less cost and less labor. On the contrary I have seen one piece floor boards replaced so horribly t

Cost to Repair Hardwood Floor - 2017 Cost Calculator (Customizable) Hardwood Floor Repair Labor, Basic Basic labor to repair hardwood floor with favorable site conditions. Remove damaged section of existing floor board. Measure, fit, nail and patch surface for finishing. Includes planning, equipment and material acquisition, area preparation and protection, setup and cleanup. 3.4 hrs..

Flooring Materials This Is How Much It Costs To Install . - The Spruce Oct 3, 2017 . What are the cost estimates for buying and professionally installing solid hardwood flooring, as well as DIY installing it? . It also absorbs the inferior boards that always come with solid hardwood installation (and yet another reason to buy engineered wood, as inferior boards are almost non-existent)

How to Replace Flooring in a Mobile Home - Mobile Home Living You will probably need to replace flooring in a mobile home eventually, especially if it's an older home or you have encountered a leak. For many years, mobile homes were constructed with sub-flooring made of particle board which essentially acts like a sponge even a small amount of water can cause bowing, warping,..

Refinish or Replace Wood Floor - Bob's Blogs - Bob Vila The 280 square feet of narrow oak strips was 95 years old and pretty beat, with scratches, stains, and even a few missing boards. Nevertheless we thought long and hard about whether to install a new floor or simply refinish the old one. We'd seen worse floors look good upon being sanded, stained to a medium tone to hide..

Repairing a Wood Floor Plank | Angie's List Jun 14, 2016 . Cost to replace a wood floorboard. Yeager charges $50 to $75 a plank to replace glued or nailed floorboards. If the job requires more work, he charges $75 an hour for labor

Estimate remodel costs for a 5 x 10 bathroom including subfloor . Feb 3, 2013 . Well at least I caught it quick-before the particle board swelled and crumbled.] So, if it is just a little (new) water damage in just one small area. Your costs for a new floor, and repair (with labor) might be less than $600 in most of the country. However, if there is more damage and you need a contractor who..

Average Labour Cost/Price to Repair/Replace Floor Joists . Price: £320.00. Job 2. The whole living room floor is rotten and needs replacing but most of the floor boards are ok. There's a bay window and a chimney breast. Now he must move the furniture and carpet completely out and put them back on completion. This will take 2 men 3 days plus materials. Materials £125, Labour..